Small Wooden Laptop and Tablet Holder

Small Wooden Laptop and Tablet Holder

Trying to find different items for my home office , I came across this beatifull small wooden laptop and tablet holder.

It is made from birch wood, and has place to put your laptop or tablet in the top base and also a keyboard, mouse or other items such as telephone, cell phones, pens or whatever you need to hold there.

The wood is unfinished, which makes it ideal to fit with any decoration the room has.

It is an ideal product for anyone trying to create a perfect home office and has not too much room in their place. On the other hand, placing a laptop in a product like this, allows to elevate it and prevents the user to have to look down to see the screen which is a great way to stop having neck pain or similar problems.

Although you can find more modern products of this style, I loved that is made of unfinished wood, giving a rustic touch to your home office. I suffer a lot because of my posture, and a product like this has improved my life a lot.

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