10 Details To Copy For Decorating Your Home Office

Don’t know how to decorate your home office? If you are a creative person, your work (or study) space should reflect it. We all want to decorate our home to fit our personality, although there are many times that inspiration leaves us and we do not end up giving the perfect touch to the different rooms. That’s why today we bring you different offices with details that you can copy for your home office decor.

Decorate your office with plants
Although we would keep all the offices that we are going to show you, from each of these images there are some details that catch our attention more than others. From this first one we would copy without hesitation the plants surrounding the desk. If you are not good with plants, place cactus or succulent plants that require less care, although as they are in sight it will be easy to remember to water them.

Look for natural light in your office

Your workspace needs to have good visibility, so it’s a good idea to place it near a window. You may be dazzled by the light in front of the computer and not be able to work comfortably. If you can position it so that the window is on the left (or right if you are left-handed) you will get the perfect natural lighting. Also keep this in mind when placing table lamps so as not to create unwanted shadows.

Decorate your office with chalkboard paint

In addition to looking great aesthetically, chalkboard paint is very practical for decorating an office. You can use it to write down schedules, notes, reminders… Don’t forget anything while you study or work, and you can erase and paint as much as you want!

Hide what you don’t want to show

When you share your living space with your work space, it’s a good idea to hide what you don’t want to see. Do you want to keep looking at your printer and filing cabinets after your workday is over? Cabinets and drawers will be very useful to keep everything tidy. When you need it, just open the cabinet and take out whatever you need at the time.

Increase your storage space
When we work with many different materials we always lack storage space, but if you do not like the typical shelves for your home, copy this technique. Stack boxes of different sizes and paint them different colors or line the bottom with wallpaper to create a custom storage space. To make sure they won’t fall apart over your head, when you have them in the final position you can glue them together with double-sided adhesive. Then anchor them to the wall as if they were one piece of furniture – safety first!

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Place your office in a closet
Did you like the idea of hiding the printer and other objects? Some people take it a step further to place the entire office in a closet (and it looks that good). We like it a lot because, despite being in a closet, it has very good lighting, and everything will be perfectly collected at the end of the work!

Outline your home office with paint
Don’t have a room of your own for your desk or empty closets at home? That doesn’t have to stop you from dedicating a space to your work. Delineate the desk area with a strip of paint in a different color to copy this small office.

Match the color of the wall and your furniture
If you liked the previous idea, you can take it a step further by matching the color of the wall with the furniture. It’s a perfect trick to unify furniture of different tones or even different styles. Exploit your handyman streak and decorate your own office in this spectacular way.

Use pieces you like
We spend many hours a day working (more than we would like), so we should feel comfortable in our workspace. A comfortable chair, nice furniture and selected pieces will help you spend more time sitting in your office.

Decorate your office in full color
We end with an explosion of color, not suitable for people who are easily distracted. Pay attention to the way you coordinate the colors of the wallpaper with the furniture and the rest of the desk accessories, it is key for all the elements to harmonize with each other. What would we copy? The painting technique of the desk, very easy to achieve with chalk paint and the floral wallpaper.

What details have you taken into account to decorate your home office?

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