Bedroom Decorating Ideas: LA Apartment Bedroom Tour


Welcome back to engineer your space, I’m Isabelle today, I am giving you a full tour of my bedroom, including a few different updates that I’ve determined during the past year. So let’s get started, this bedroom tour is sponsored by Casper. When I first moved into my LA apartment, the bedroom was certainly plain and suffering. Even the door was lacking in character, so to give it more identity. I contributed some molding working removable double-sided tape.

Instead of claws to make it renter friendly and then I painted the molding the same color as the door, it looks like it’s been there all along, but the molding is easy to remove if needed and won’t leave any faults in the door. I too truly didn’t like the vertical blinds, so I removed them and replace them with shrouds applying drapery fastens and the already existing times. I cherish having the draperies instead of the blinds and my cat Leah seems to agree with me. I also made a window cornice out of cardboard and furring deprives to dress up the top of the window, as I had left behind all my furniture. When I moved from New York to LA, I was rendering this bedroom from scratch on a plan, so I culminated up buying a berthed chassis and a dresser secondhand and simply decorated them to match to complete the bed.

I constructed a separate headboard out of plywood 1 by 3s and furring divests, and then I affixed the structure with burlap fabric and burlap ribbon. Inducing it with legs allows it to sit on the floor wedge between the bunked make and the wall. So it exclusively needs removable, velcro rows to secure it to the wall , no need to make any gap. I originally bought a outpouring mattress from my berthed, but I had always been strange about trying retention foam mattresses. So that’s why I was really excited when the company Casper offered to send me one of their mattresses to try.

Casper reaches recollection foam mattresses that you buy online and they’re introduced into your doorway in a chest. The mattresses come in six standard immensities and I got a queen-size mattress which sells for eight hundred and fifty dollars. The container weighs 62 pounds and it’s easy enough to handle alone. I did use sliders to make it easier to slide on the carpet. You can position the Casper mattress on slats or on a scaffold and setting up the mattress is really easy and amazingly quick following the instructions it literally really took minutes.

There was a slight stench at first when I made it out of the carton, but that went away very quickly. Lia was very curious about the new mattress and after inspecting it for a while, she seemed to settle in and liked it Casper implementations three different kinds of foam to deliver: a medium wording firmness and, after sleeping on the mattress for a couple of nighttimes, I’d have To suggested that it certainly is on the house area now what’s great about Casper mattresses is that you can try them out for a hundred darkness to make up your mind as to whether or not you like it. The busines will take your mattress back. If you don’t like it for any reason, free of charge for a full refund, here’s Lia working hard testing the accords, and so far it looks like it’s a thumbs up. If you’re interested in pas the Casper mattress a try, you can save $ 50 when purchasing one by simply applying my coupon code architect, your room I’ll likewise have a link in the video description below that you can click on.

If you want to find out more information now, one thing about the Casper mattress is that it’s not as high-pitched as my old-fashioned mattress, but luckily it still works with the nightstands that I determined. I had prepared them by mix two lac counters, one on top of each other and simply trimming the legs off of the lower table and then gluing the two counters together to utter taller nightstands. Another new addition to the bedroom is the bench at the foot of the berthed. It’S likewise an Ikea hack, where I use the plain bench and customized it by crossing the top with pine cards and then consuming lumber, margining to realise them examine thicker, and then I drew the boards applying chalk paint to give them a more aged. Finish.

Leah adores to hang out of that terrace too, for artistry on the walls. I found inexpensive second hand chassis that I generate a new look to by simply addressing some wipe and devotee in antique gold. This is a really quick and easy project and I love how the gold wonders the sunlight. I also hung artistry on a frame that I made by gluing furring pieces to the back of a piece of plywood that I had leftover from the headboard I contributed. I secures and wire to hang it and I procured the artwork to the frame expend Brad.

It was the excellent thing to dress up that feature wall. Well, that’s it from my bedroom safarus. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you crave some more information about all the projects that you heard in this video, you can click on these connections now and, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to my path so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos. See you next time.



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