How to Easily install Concealed Cabinet Hinges (35mm Hole Drilling & Mounting)

Well, hey there and welcome back to doing it with Jason, I’m Jason, and today I’m going to show you an easy way to hinge a cabinet door. I have my pretend or to show you guys how to do it without a template without jigs, just a good old-fashioned, screw gun, Forstner bit self-centering drill bit and a pencil and a tape. Measure simple, as that and you’ll get professional results every time and be sure if this is your first time watching. One of my videos hit that subscribe button and that bell to get notified each time we’ll have new videos on cabinet making, painting finishing you name it. We do it so let’s get started okay, so now these hinges right here are the bloom hinges, they’re made for cabinets.

They have a little inset bottom section. That’S gon na have to go inside the wood, so these are gon na set in just like so but inside and recessed, and that is where the Forstner bit comes in handy. This is awesome and, as always, all the links are down below of where you can get this stuff on Amazon. It’S awesome. They throw me a few pennies for using the links, but I’m only using the good stuff in there so feel free to order them down there.

Okay, so this is an inch and three-eighths Forstner bit now. This cup is about the same size and it’s gon na fit right snugly in there. The main thing you don’t want to do is it’s gon na have to be set back about eighth of an inch offset. So what I like to do normally is, I will take my tape measure and then measure back about three inches down or so from the edge of the door. Now, of course, make sure this is the back side of your door.

The other side is our front. I’M gon na go three inches in and then I’m gon na come out about 7/8 of an inch, and now I’m gon na just get those marks, get them all nice and make a nice little plus sign there, and I will do the same to the other Side, because generally, when you use one of these hinges, you have to use two, because one just does not work that be a really wonky hinge, so we’re gon na do the same thing got my plus sign there, and now I’m gon na take my Forstner bit And my drill is the inch and three-eighths, and then I know how deep I have to go generally, you want a half inch depth for these cups and you could always just verify. Yours is the same that you have the half inch clearance, just as I do here and now it’s gon na sit in a half inch. So, generally, when I have this for sorbets flush and buried into my wood, I don’t go any further than pass flush because it could come out the other side and I’ll show you more about that. So you’re gon na line up on your crosshair right there and start drilling now.

Of course, you might want to clamp this door down, but I’m using double stick tape, [, Music, ] and periodically. You could stop take a look, make sure you’re not too deep and continue, and there we are that’s dusty, nice and in there now do the same thing and repeat to the other hole, not hole, crosshairs. Alright. That should be perfect now, for the next part, you’re gon na need both hinges and put them into the hole you just made. Okay, so now you have your hinges just set in to the hole, and all you need is a scrap piece of plywood or a level whatever you’ve got handy and you just let it hit the hinge and it straightens them out and makes them perfectly parallel automatically.

For you, there’s no double checking it with a square. There’S no checking all this and blah blah blah, no mess, no frills. Just all it takes. You will get it nice and centered. So now you will take your self centering little drill bit which links in the description as well.

For this thing, it’s really cool the way it works. It has a spring-loaded and its sensors, a drill bit so with my thumb, firmly on the back of the door and my fingertips on the front of this little straight edge. I’M gon na make sure these hinges are in the cups that we just drilled out for them. I’M apply pressure going this way, just not too much pressure. You don’t start bending your straight board and then use this little self centering drill bit and you can do all four at once.

Take your board off and then you could actually look and see your holes, nice and centered and ready to install these bad boys. Okay. So next you’re gon na take your screws that came with your hinges and switch your drill out for a Phillips and then you’re, just gon na set them right in there, and I believe these are five-eighths drew screws and just nice and slowly screw them in and That is all it takes. Do it to the other side, your holes already there, so everything is gon na line up perfectly for you, so you don’t need to waste any money on a jig and voila hinged and ready. Now, if I could release a double stick tape, my dad looks: oh that’s some good stuff ooh!

That’S some gorilla double stick tape, links in the description for that too. As of now, this stuff works. Awesome, that’s on raw plywood, so our pretend door is now beautifully. Hinged, with some bloom hinges, might I add what the heck we’re gon na link those down there too, just have a free-for-all. No, these are all the products.

I definitely stand behind and really really enjoy using bloom lifetime warranty on these bad boys. If they ever break love them love them, love them and their soft clothes, which I have a video on they’re soft clothes hinges I’ll, have it linked at the end of the video, and you guys can check it out, but yeah other than that very easy, very Affordable, you don’t need any kind of special tools or jigs just this in a few drill bits and such but yeah. I hope you guys found this really informative. Leave me a thumbs up. If you did give me a thumbs down, if you didn’t cuz, then I want to know you know, did this suck?

Do I suck just let me know, but yeah we’ll be making another video soon and bye. We just me and well maybe the kids they’re all for the summer, so they’re gon na be hanging out. So maybe occasionally one of my little ones will walk up and we’ll have a conversation or two and it’s a lot of fun. So we’ll see you guys next time, thanks for watching and bye.


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