The Home Office: How to Make Your Workspace More Productive

If your current office is not pleasant, if you have to make your way through a pile of papers, here are 5 tips to make your workspace a more productive and pleasant place.

Do you have a home office? Whether it is your only office, a complement to the one you have in another location or simply a place where you do your home administration, use your PC, etc.; it is essential that it is a place that helps you to be more productive, a place where you feel comfortable to do your work as well as possible.

If your current office does not meet these conditions, if you have to make your way through a pile of papers, here are 5 tips to turn your workspace into a more productive and pleasant place.

Tidy up
Take an inventory of your home office. What things do you use on an ongoing basis? How many things have been resting in the same place for weeks, months, maybe years? Before you move on to the next step: tidy up. Decide what office supplies you need, the rest you can use in another room in the house, give away, sell, etc.

Clean up
This suggestion is suitable for any room or space you’re in, not just the office. When your environment is clean and clear, so is your mind. And a clear mind is ready to be creative and productive.

Whenever I finish a big project, the office is a mess of papers everywhere. I dedicate the next day especially to tidying up: throwing papers away, filing things and even cleaning up the PC by tidying up the files I generated, deleting intermediate versions and backing up the final plans on another disk.

There is nothing less productive and disconcerting than starting to work with a desk full of things you don’t need.

If you have papers, old newspapers and 100 magazines cluttering your desk, clean it up!

Think about which items in your office you use to carry out your business on a regular basis. If you have a TV in the office, but you watch it more than you work, it’s time for it to go. Your children’s toys or the dog’s brush shouldn’t be in your office…

When you start using the space for other activities than the ones intended, eventually those activities steal all your time.

Now that you’ve implemented the above steps, it’s time to organize the space that was left free.

Divide the space into zones:

Storage: all items that can go in a closet such as office supplies or materials that you use from time to time.

Desk items: just the necessary basics: pens/pencils, computer, stapler and tape. Everything else needs a home inside a desk drawer to keep the desk from being cluttered.
Shelves: For books, magazines and organizers that go on a shelf. These organizers can be grouped together, and materials are found at a moment’s notice.
smith storage unit

A lot of equipment designed especially for the home office is available today. Furniture that is lightweight, easy to move, multi-purpose, beautiful, practical. Just take a look at this storage unit from Smith, for example.

Light up
If your office is dark, discover the reasons to solve them. Open windows (if possible), analyze the type of window you have now, not all windows have the same performance, or add lighting fixtures that will delight your space.

When we can see clearly we are more likely to stay in that space.

Natural lighting, wisely supplemented, is best.

If the windows look out onto a calm and restful exterior, such as a garden, so much the better; otherwise, you can set the mood in your work area with pictures and reproductions of artwork that will soothe your spirit.

Also make sure there is good ventilation and control the temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, you will soon feel like leaving your office.

Another important element is color, avoid using colors that are too bright as they tire the eyes and cause more fatigue.

Your home office should be as comfortable as your living room. Productivity is achieved when you are relaxed, organized and want to stay in that space. Office work is not always pleasant, but you can at least make your office space pleasant, right?

Remember to use photos and other elements to personalize your space.

Do you have other tips to share? Please leave your suggestions below.

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