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So let me show you some tiling dues and days in this case we’re finishing a feature wall for a fireplace like clear and Hagen. I want to get a stone look on this fireplace, but instead of using an actual stone like they did, which is porous and allows the grout to bleed into it of God, with the porcelain tile that looks like stone. There’S a large range of tiles out there. So make sure when you’re shopping around you ask for advice and you do your research, so you get the right tool for the job every time now before you start mixing any glue, it’s important to put the time into the city so for this job here, I’m Using large format, tiles a 600 by 300 and I’m gon na be running them horizontally. So I know that I need 14 full tiles and then two cuts down the bottom and I’m leaving the cuts down the bottom, because they’ll be hidden behind a fireplace when it comes to cutting tiles.

You can use in a ceramic tile. You can go through it once and then snap it, but because we’re using a porcelain tile, it’s a lot stronger. So it’s a good idea to score it, try and make sure that you get right to the edges and then with the lever seated at the back of the tile and apply some pressure and you should get a perfect cut every time. All right. That is all the cuts done so now we can get on to mixing the glue and we’re aiming for a toothpaste, consistency.

Now this one’s already been primed, it’s important that any surface you wrote on your promit before you start gluing that way it gives a glue. Some way to bond to [ Music ] if you’ve ever tried tiling the hardest thing is getting a nice level surface. Well, this leveling system takes all the guesswork out for you and get you the perfect job every time once the tags are in place, you can lay your tile and then slip a cap over the top and with the tool is simply just give it a couple Of pumps and it pulls the two tiles level. Another thing you want to remember when you’re laying your tiles is to look on the back and you’ll notice that there’s an arrow you want to make sure that these are all facing the same way. That way, if there’s a pattern on your tile, it will all flow in the same direction once it’s also dry to remove the caps and tags, it’s as easy as putting a tool giving it a squeeze and we’re ready for grouting one thing about grouting.

Is you don’t need much water, so a good tip is to use a sponge to put it in. It just makes it a little bit more control and like the glue we’re after a toothpaste, consistency, yep. That sounds right to me. You can see that I’ve told the floor here and that’s because this is for a fireplace a it, creates the heart here and I decided to continue the tiles I each side, which finishes this room perfectly: [ Music ]. It’S a good idea to walked in your joints with a damp sponge, just to make sure that you’ve cleared out any excess glue.

That’S there before you start grouting when you’re ready to clean your tiles. Just make sure you go over the joins on an angle that way you’re, not thinking out the grout as you go. The last step is to polish the tiles with a dry cloth. Now you just want to make sure that you take your time when you do your tile in your job. Get your set out right, clean out the joins, because your tiling job will end up being the hero of the room and, if you get it right will look like a masterpiece.


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