Work From Home: Tidying up your home for videoconferencing

The Covid19 pandemic is bringing many issues to the table. Among them, our ability to maintain productive activity away from the office. Teleworking has taken over in recent weeks and many people have had to adapt to working remotely. Everything seems to indicate that, even if we reach phase 3 of de-escalation, teleworking will continue beyond this new normal. You must arrange your home for videoconferencing and show yourself to be organized and fully productive.

New technologies are being key to implementing remote work, as are the personal routines that everyone is taking on in their new reality.
The healthcare crisis has led to the establishment of new work mechanisms. Video calls or videoconferences are proliferating, as are apps to ensure that they can be carried out in the best conditions.

Tidying up your home for video conferencing is the first step to making the right impression. Would you convene an investor meeting in a cluttered boardroom? The same goes for your home. No breakfast leftovers in plain sight, no unpacked belongings or evidence of lack of organization.

Having a home office for your workday will help you accomplish the above. However, even in your own home office, you must maintain order.

Some shelves, filing cabinets or simple drawers will be of great help to keep order on your desk before a video call.

In any case, a work video conference is subject to certain peculiarities. Unlike video calls with friends or family, work communications require more thorough preparation (date set in advance, content to be discussed…).

So much so that there is no excuse for not having your home ready for the connection. But no matter how clean and tidy your desk is, make sure you have everything you need at hand. Documentation, pens and notebook in case you need to take notes…

The imposition of teleworking during the quarantine has surprised many without a well-equipped space for the performance of their tasks. However, the evidence is convincing and has demonstrated our ability to adapt quickly.

But lack of experience in matters such as videoconferencing can work against you. For everything to go smoothly, it is important that, in addition to tidying up your home, you check your Internet connection, choose the most appropriate app and hold the meeting in a space with good lighting and a neutral background.

Excessive decoration is not appropriate for professional environments. If you do not have an office at home, there are many apps that allow you to modify the background in a virtual way.

Just as excessive decoration or clutter can give a bad image of you during the videoconference, there are other must-haves that you can not fail to implement in this type of meetings sponsored by teleworking.

Tidying up your home for videoconferences will be useless if you don’t also take care of your appearance. You must give a professional image. Forget your pajamas and take care of all the details.
On the computer, close any tab that has nothing to do with the meeting to avoid distractions and improve your performance, and at home, make sure everyone knows you are meeting to keep calm, children included.

Before confinement, many thought that teleworking was something like spending the day in pajamas with just a few hours in the workday. One of the realities that the pandemic has uncovered in this regard is precisely that this dreamlike picture has little reality.

For the working day to be productive, it is essential to establish routines. Schedules, organization and even clothing must be part of the daily routine, especially if teleworking involves virtual meetings. Would you go to an office meeting in a tracksuit? There’s your answer.

Remember that a videoconference with the team, superiors or partners during teleworking days has as much value as a face-to-face meeting. In other words, if in a physical meeting you take care of every detail to convey a professional image to your interlocutor, you should also do it when you contact him or them remotely.

Tidying up your home office or choosing the best setting for the videoconference is important. But it is also important to be punctual, to maintain an appropriate body language and to solve any incident with the solvency with which you would do it in the office.

What other recommendations do you put into practice to arrange your home for a videoconference during these weeks of teleworking?

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